1940’s/50’s Hope Chest

1940's/50's Hope Chest

by Kelly

Hello 🙂 I recently brought over my grandmothers Hope Chest into our home. I went in it several times - open/closed - no problems. Then we moved the chest upstairs and all of a sudden it doesn't open. BLAST! I have no idea what happend, but of course we do not have a key. I thought it was a wafer lock, but I don't think so anymore. I am now thinking tubular strictly by the name...lol There is one circlular piece and then a smaller circular piece in the middle of that which has the key hole. I have stuck in metal nail files, but I just have no idea what to do from there. Any suggestions? I would really like to get this open. Thanks so much for any help you can offer. I can post pictures, if it will help.

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suggestion NEW

( by: Anonymous | Feb 19, 2015 )

many times a combination lock was a favorite number for the kin folk birthday telephone is there more wear or oil on certain numbers...it can make the combination easier to figure out.

also the years it was made help describe turn left or right how many turns to open....


i found a solution NEW

( by: kimmy | Aug 19, 2014 )

Actually, i just recently ininherited my great grandmothers hope chest. I stuck a larger flat head screw driver in the hole and bam! It locked and unlocked perfectly. I dont recommend forcing the locks open with it, because you can damage it pretty bad. But if it goes in and out easy, knock yourself out.

Same issue NEW

( by: Jeethere3133@gmail.com | Mar 02, 2014 )

Same issue! I have an old truck given to me from my gma. Has valuables in it and we have no key. How can I pick this round lock?

How to unlock a combination lock on a hope chest NEW

( by: Anonymous | Jan 07, 2014 )

I have the same problem my mother's hope chest is one with the combination lock and I too have no key it locked after we moved it to my house. I have done everything but call a locksmith and I guess that is next. Would love some advice on this

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