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How to Open a Combination Locks?

Want to open a combination lock? Well, these are tricky indeed. You might not think so with movies like James Bond, and the Italian Job, but it is nearly impossible to be able to listen and feel which numbers are the combination. The good news is that most of these locks including Master combination locks opening can be done with a padlock shim. But to crack combination locks is a challenge.

open combination lock

Cracking a Combination Lock

The last number of a standard three digit combination lock is easy to get, pull up on the shaft while rotating the dial counter-clockwise. From then on, I recommend you watch this YouTube video

May seem lengthy and tedious, but it’ll get you back your combination if you lost it in about 20 minutes. It may take a couple tries, but it does work, I’ve done it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help on the subject, but my specialty is pin tumbler and tubular locks. Never met anyone who could pick a combination lock just by listening and feeling. The resources I provided are helpful.

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