Homemade Tubular Lockpick

Homemade Tubular Lockpick

by petey
(Brawley california USA)

alright check it i made a homemade tubular lock pick out of the standard tubular key, but the catch is that i had the chance to use it yet. what i did was grind the grooves all the way back to the base. the grooves are equal distance from each other and what i put on the grooves are bobby pins and to hold em in place is a rubber band tell me itll work dude cause the last tubular pick i tried to pick i got 5 out of 7 pins and when i was working the 6th one i miscalculated the length of the pin and the shingle and they all popped up lemme know if itll proceed to pick the 7 pins this time and id appreciate any other helpful tips you have,

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Homemade tubular lockpick NEW

(by: Misty Mouhis | Oct 12, 2015 )

It takes me a few other months than I would comprise resembling, but nowadays I’ll be walking you throughout how to pick tubular locks.

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