How Do I Pick an Eagle Creek Superlock?

How Do I Pick an Eagle Creek Superlock?

by Larry

I was wondering if it is possible to pick an Eagle Creek superlock. i forgot my combination, and i don't want to buy a new one. thanks

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Just scroll through it.

( by: Anonymous | Jun 30, 2010 )

Just scroll through the combos and pull on the latch, it works for me, I got it done in about 2 mins ( mind you, it was set on 100 so obviously took two mins)

Magnifying glass

( by: Artist54 | Feb 04, 2010 )

Look through magnifying glass. Pull on hasp. Any wheel that moves is on the wrong number so turn one wheel one click. Pull hasp. Keep doing that with all the wheels. Good luck. Artist54

Brute Force is the cheapest bet

( by: Anonymous | Nov 04, 2008 )

This lock only has 1,000 possible combinations (Not that many in reality, you can cycle them pretty fast) you can cycle through every combination and probably hit the one that opens it in less than 30 minutes.

Then write it down somewhere 🙂

If somehow you still remember just one of the numbers, than you can find the combination very quickly with this method.

I had an old lock box for keys that I had lost the combo to, it took me 15 minutes to brute force it by going through the numbers one at a time.

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