How do you Pick the New Boton Locks?

How Do You Pick The New Boton Locks?

by Jason

Im looking on info on how to pick a new lock that is appearing everywhere in town. Its the Baton cam locks. They appear to be a C shape design. They are appearing now as the replacement for the Tublar locks. Example are the 6085, 6086, 6087, & 6089 Series (http://www.batonlockusa.com/batonusa/main.html?nav=nav_op.html&main;=operator/6000.html). Any clues?

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just an idea NEW

( by: Anonymous | Nov 28, 2011 )

try cutting one apart to see how it works

i kno

( by: frankfort | Aug 18, 2011 )

Man I'm having the same problems and I'm a locksmith haven't found a tool I can buy yet , in the process of trying to make one .. all cams have to turn simultaneously but a certain few have to be at a different position. You gotta figure that out and the turning mechanism is in the back of the lock . They are byfar the toughest lock I've came across in my time. Pretty much if you loose your key your f******. Good luck and let me know if you make any breakthroughs.

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