Is it Possible to Pick This Lock?

by warmbat

this need the key to open and to lock as well i think they have no spring or anything don’t really know how to explain but the key are square bar shape trying a lot to pick it never found a way yet please advise.

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need a photo of the keyslot too

(by: steve | Mar 26, 2012)

Im pretty sure they are fitted with SFIC and schlage side bare systems as well witha figure 8 looking keyway yes? if so they can be picked but they are mothers for a beginner.if its an SFIC you have 2 shearline facilitated by a sleeve around the operating core. to pick them you attack the control shear turning to the right 15 degrees then pulling the entire core out and the lock will open. to fit the core back in, dont use a torsion wrench but push the control tab with you finger or thumb and you will not be bothered by the operating shear.Isolating the operating shear in the first place is tough but can be done. It took me a month to get my first one so you better be keen.
If it has the schlage side bar core best to buy steve hamptons book High security locks and how to pick them. to long to explain those mothers.

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