Lockbox Lock Picking

Lockbox Lock Picking

by chris
(Lexington,Ky, USA)

How do you pick a lock on a fireproof secure lockbox? and about how long does it take?

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( by: Practicality | Oct 23, 2011 )

The Sentry fireproof "safe" isn't the sturdiest lock in the world, in fact, a credit card would be a faster way to open it, since it doesn't require having the key in the lock to turn the tumbler. Furthermore, dropping it from about 4 feet off the ground can be enough to jar the lock open.

I in no way advocate this as a guide to "pick" the lock, but it opens either way.


( by: Anonymous | Apr 02, 2011 )

I bought a set of starter lockpicks a while back and just found then again, i was bored and tried to pick the lock on a sentry lockbox we got at some overstock store. I literally just put in the little squiggly rake and fiddled around and it opened. I dont even know how i did it but i even tried it like 6 more times and got it open.

If i can open it than any dumbass can. :C

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