Master Lock 140

Master lock 140

by Isaac

How do you pick a master lock 140, I just began lockpicking and I can't even get the first pin up. I've seen some videos and they say it has a security pin or something. How do I pick it, I need some detailed instructions for a begginner.

P.S. I have a homemade tension wrench made out of a uniball pen part, and a pick with a hook made out of a paper clip, I might be getting and actually set later if I can pick this lock.

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Same here

(by: SeaWookie8 | Sep 21, 2010)

I laughed when I saw this because I am literally in the same exact situation. this is the first lock I've tried so far, and Ive been able to get to the slight rotation described above but I always bend my paperclip on the security pen. Still waiting on my picks in the mail


(by: Anonymous | Jun 01, 2010 )

Okay, I know how you feel, I really don't know if the lock you're talking about is a padlock or one of those locks that you spin; because I just started myself. What I reccomend is going to Youtube and typing in, "How to crack, not pick a master lock in just a few minutes!" You turn out to have 100 combinations instead of 64,000. although I never did crack the lock I worked on, I do know that it will take two to four hours. I am pretty sure this site will work, but I have doubts. If you just want to put the lock somewhere, get a padlock shim set they work(even though I have never tried one.) Do research and soon you'll crack it. Good luck!

homemade picks

( by: Anonymous | Jan 12, 2010 )

I would also suggest making a sturdier pick than a paper clip. They bend too easily to be able to pick standard locks well, especially when you're learning. If you have access to a bench grinder, it is pretty easy to make your own picks out of windshield wiper inserts, or hacksaw blades, etc.

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