Masterlock Mini Key Safe 5401D

Masterlock Mini Key Safe 5401D

by Matthew Old

The KeySafe

I was mid-way through changing the combination on this lockbox when the reset lever got jammed and wouldn't spring back again too set the new combination. After about 10 minutes of prying I got frustrated and span the dials in anger at it, only too watch the lever ping into place, setting the combination at... something.

I've been trying all sorts of tricks all day but the fact of the matter is I've no real lockpicking experience. In the end, I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. The box is currently locked open and I can still get too the inside of it, though if the door shuts, it'll lock shut. Fun.

I've found this video on youtube that shows that picking this infernal thing is possible
but I can't figure out for the life of me what he's doing bar checking each dial for tension differences while pulling on the lever. If anyone has any suggestions short of trying all 10,000 combinations, I'd happily hear some.

Master Lock 5401D Key Box: How to Reset the Combination

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