Non Pickable Lock

by Mac McKenzie
(San Diego, CA, USA)

wafer locks

When I was in High School, a friend of mine had a padlock on his locker that had a typical appearance.

The kicker was that no key inserted into the keyway would work. The lock opened by pushing the nameplate from left to right.

A shim would probably have worked, but he would insert a key and pretend he was opening it as he pressed the nameplate.

Anyone ever hear of this and if so could I still get one?

Comments for Non Pickable lock

magnate lock

(by: Anonymous | Feb 03, 2012)

sounds like a for postion magnate lock magnates set a north south positistions in a combonation had one on a bike years a go


(by: Potter |May 08, 2010)

I would assume that the key was used to set pins and the sliding of the nameplate is the equivalent of the “turn.” Since you could use the slide for tension, you could probably easily pick the lock, though, because it is a rare lock, I’d say beware of security pins.

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