Old Blanket Chest Lock

old chest lock picking

I have an old blanket chest ,,,it has been opened on the past but ,but will not open now,,we have two keys for the lock,they go in and turn but the lock will not open,can you help?

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(By George | Mar 03, 2015)

I do have the same issue and was wondering what to do about it as I do find it emotionally unable to break open the chest as it is an inherited antique piece. I would be glad if I can get a way around. I will send the photo of the chest

Most likely a broken ward in the lock

(By:Webmaster | May 09, 2008)

Is it a warded lock? Do you have a picture of the key or the lock? If it is warded (most likely), then perhaps it has broken off. In which case, try bending the end of a nail filer or related strong metal object, and sticking it in the lock and turning it. The bend will have to make the tip short enough to fit in the lock, but longer than the key since the key is not reaching the ward. But I can’t say for certain without a picture of the lock or key.