Pick a Bike Lock?

Pick a Bike Lock?

this is my first time picking locks, and I don't know how to pick locks! I lost my only key to my bike lock, any advice will help (not bad advice though).

How To Unlock Cable Bike Lock Without Combination

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Bike lock

( by: Anonymous | Sep 12, 2011 )

Is it a combination? If not you will probably have to pick it but don't fear I learnt how to pick locks by picking bike lock the pins seem more leanant and easier to move. If you don't have a pick or pressure wrench you can use house-hold items to your advantage.. Hope this helped

chain locks

( by: phantom44 | Aug 17, 2010 )

i dont know about bar style locks, but the combination style ones are easy to open, especially the ones with 5 numbers, and blue plastic covering the chain... if you look carefully, you can see the gaps inside the wheels, and just turn each wheel till you see the larger gap... remember the number, repeat for the other 4...

tubular lock or pin tumbler?

( by: Anonymous | Feb 19, 2008 )

What kind of bike lock is it? Is the key circular or does is look like a normal house key? If it is circular, you have a tubular lock, if it looks like a normal key, it's a pin tumbler. Go to the appropriate page on this site to learn how to pick it. If it is a tubular lock though, picking it will be extremely difficult if you've never done it before, and you'll have to buy a $70 pick. Go to the make lock picks page to learn how to make your own if it is a pin tumbler lock, it will be much cheaper.

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