Tubular Lock picking Problems

by chris

how do i pick a7 or 8 pin tubular lock with the tool is it easy i keep trying but just cant get it do i push it in release then turn clockwise

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7 Pin Tubular Locks

(by: Sean | Jan 30, 2011)

First resest the pick as in the previous comments.
I usually have the tension collar about a quarter turn off tight, then insert and wiggle in a controlled fashion from side to side, try to keep the pick central. You`ll hear the pins “click or grate, as if you scraped a fingernail up and down a small spring” this is the area you need to be in, it`ll probably be about 3/4`s of the way in, now its a case of not getting frustrated and keeping your wiggle controlled and central. when it goes…and it will go…do not stop the action keep going until you can turn the pick even when your fully inserted, you can then take it out and using the guage key find your code number.

Try lubing up the tubular lock pick tool

(by: Webmaster | May 09, 2008)

Get some powdered graphite and lubricate the tool (that’s what she said). First, push all the pins a little bit out. Then push it against a table to align them all with the front of the pick. Make sure the pins move easily. Then, slowly insert the pick into the lock and wiggle slowly. If it doesn’t work after a few times, try more powdered graphite. Oil might work too.