Trunk lock

My family has an old trunk that came with my many times great grandma to America. it has been locked for as long as any one cane remember and we can't find the key. i found a picture of a simular type of lock. could any one give me some info on how to get it open, or even what type of lock it is?
Thanks a bunch

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Mar 24, 2015
Truck NEW
by: JJ Ken

You are saying that truck came from many times great grandma, which means it is too old. The lock could became rusty and because of friction its nearly impossible to unlock it with even a right key. So the only solution is to break it. You can visit rushmyessay review to find your assignment related problems. Thanks.

Mar 03, 2015
seo NEW
by: Anonymous

Our kids comes with a previous shoe of which sported our oftentimes excellent grandma for you to North america. it is often locked so long as any one stick bear in mind and also most of us are unable to discover the crucial. i came across a photo of any simular form of lock.

Feb 26, 2015
just break it!!! NEW
by: dylan

This one is a very old one. These locks have an interlocking system that is overridden using a central pin. You will be able to see a central pin in the lock which goes into the key. The best way to break it is to just break it. beverly diamonds complaints

Feb 18, 2015
Locked chest NEW
by: Steve K

If the chest is that old the are some rare chests that have a hidden locking mechanism! The lock on the front does nothing but frustrate thieves! In these chests there is an intricate mechanism in the lid! There was an episode of Pawn Stars in which such a chest was opened! I would recommend searching YouTube for that episode to see if you have a similar chest! You actually won't need a key for it off I recall!

Dec 29, 2011
IF its a warded lock... NEW
by: Anonymous

try bending a wire into an L shpe then insert it turn it to the right(or perhaps left depending on the lock) and move it back and forth this shuld help you bypass the wards

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