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need help! 
How do u pick a sentry safe F2300 safe?

sentinal gun cabinet 
lost keys to gun cabinet & need to get important papers i locked in it. gotta have them by tomorrow! please help?

How do I pick a sentry safe ks 4100? 
I'm trying to pick my dad's sentry safe ks 4100 to see if my phone is in there, can someone help me?

'Ilco Precision Double Nose Safe Deposit Locks'  
I am a new locksmith from greece and I am trying to pick a lock without destroying it. The type is Ilco presicion double nose safe deposit lock. I have …

Cedar Chest Lock 
How do you pick a cedar chest lock? I have no idea how this chest got locked as we have never had a key for it. Also once it is unlocked how do you …

Trunk lock 
My family has an old trunk that came with my many times great grandma to America. it has been locked for as long as any one cane remember and we can't …

Project ChildSafe Lock 
How can you open it without the key?

lock box 
i have a 3 digit lock box with a letter combination. it's a vault locks brand. i can't remember the code, any tips on how i can crack it without breaking …

Gun Trigger Lock 
how do i pick a gun trigger lock? it fits any type of 30-30 (30 ought 6) rifle lock. asap. i can not give specifics...

round keyed locks 
what kind of locks are used on washing machines,im not talkinbg about tubulare loks,,these locks have what apears to be a half moon shaped key that goes …

3-digit Master combination locks 
It's actually very simple to open a 3-digit combo, all you have to do is pull hard on the bar and rotate the discs until you find a loose digit, start …

1940's/50's Hope Chest 
Hello :) I recently brought over my grandmothers Hope Chest into our home. I went in it several times - open/closed - no problems. Then we moved the chest …

vanamatic lock 
how do the van locks work. are they just like an ace tubular , but the pins are on the face of the lock? I know all about the change key...... I want …

Lockbox lock picking 
How do you pick a lock on a fireproof secure lockbox? and about how long does it take?

is it possible to pick this lock? 
this need the key to open and to lock as well i think they have no spring or anything don't really know how to explain but the key are square bar shape …

I am defeated,so far, in picking it. I have spent hours trying to do so. Although I am fairly new, I have succeeded is about 10 other misc. locks. youtube …

How do you pick the new Boton locks? 
Im looking on info on how to pick a new lock that is appearing everywhere in town. Its the Baton cam locks. They appear to be a C shape design. They are …

Non pickable lock 
When I was in High School, a friend of mine had a padlock on his locker that had a typical appearance. The kicker was that no key inserted into the …

how do i pick looks with the bar with paper clips or some easier to get tool? 
i want to know if i could use paper clips or some other easy to get tool..im tryna learn how to pick the locks that most places have,the locks with the …

4 Wheel lock 
I forgot the combination for this four wheel lock. iv'e made the math and its got 9,999 possible combinations. I need help with this one. If someone can …

Van/Cam locks? 
I was trying to see if I can Find That Cam tubular Lock pick now adays...? Van makes the locks but where can you find the Picks????

old blanket chest lock 
I have an old blanket chest ,,,it has been opened on the past but ,but will not open now,,we have two keys for the lock,they go in and turn but the lock …

Can I tell if someone has been picking my door locks? 
I have held in my home for my disabled husband. Because I run errands sometimes and have had untrustworthy helpers in the past, I have put key locks on …

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Master lock 140 
How do you pick a master lock 140, I just began lockpicking and I can't even get the first pin up. I've seen some videos and they say it has a security …

how do i pick an Eagle Creek Superlock? 
I was wondering if it is possible to pick an Eagle Creek superlock. i forgot my combination, and i don't want to buy a new one. thanks

Buy lock picks in Italy 
Where i can buy this set in Italy? Or, can i buy it from Italy? Please help me... Bye Bye for now and thanks

Bathroom door lock 
I recently moved into a new apartment, the place is great but the last tenants put a key lock on the bathroom door....idiots. My friend recently used the …

tubular lock pickin problems...? 
how do i pick a7 or 8 pin tubular lock with the tool is it easy i keep trying but just cant get it do i push it in release then turn clockwise

pick a bike lock? 
this is my first time picking locks, and I don't know how to pick locks! I lost my only key to my bike lock, any advice will help (not bad advice though). …

How to pick a car lock 
How to pick car locks and what tools to use.

picking a combination lock 
my daughter needs a lock for her school locker but i do not have the combination to the lock any more got lost in one of our moves is there a way we can …

Ms Not rated yet
At 1:50 sm today! my dogs started barking. a quick out the front door I fou d a weird key in the key hole

Vintage blanket box with combination lock Not rated yet
My mother in laws blanket/hope chest has not been opened for at least 30 years. It has a combination lock that is frozen. We do have the combination but …

do you know where to get an esd xd or medeco bump key or master key Not rated yet
i would like to buy those items.Or is ther any alternative keys that will work on those locks

Barrel key won't open antique cupboard lock Not rated yet
I have an antique 19th-century (maybe earlier) china cupboard. It locks with a barrel key that fits over a pin in the lock. I locked the cupboard door …

Hobby Not rated yet
I have always been interested in lock, of all kind and would like to play with them in my spare time

Request as for door-lock  Not rated yet
Dear Sirs, Would you please to help me to find this type of lock. Thank you in advance for your answer. Sincerely yours, Piatetsky Maryna.

scooter Not rated yet
iv lost my only key can i take the scooter to a lock smith to match a key to the same barrel if i take log book?

cam lock Not rated yet
how to unlock a cam lock without a key

what kind of lock pick do i need for a star safe Not rated yet
I bought a truck from my dad now he cant remeber the combonation to his star safe and he cant find the keys any ideas on what kind of lock pick we would …

help Not rated yet
how do i unlock this lock.

Padlock with torsion wrench moving part only ? Not rated yet
In this lock only the torsion wrench insertable part can rotate. Rest part of key moves inside so how we insert pick in these locks. Anyway to pick?

Difficulty with Master lock 140 Not rated yet
I am having difficulty locating the spool pin in this lock. How do you know if its a regular pin or a spool pin? I saw your video on opening this lock, …

Abloy lock Not rated yet
How do you pick an Abloy cylinder lock, and what tools are needed? I'm looking for an answer that will make the least amount of noise as well. Any suggestions? …

karaoke machine Not rated yet
hey, can you help me? I have a karaoke machine, and it has a lock type of a pepsi vending machine. I lost the key of it and I have to add some music to …

locked outside need to pick lock Not rated yet
I'm outside and need to know how to pick my lock.all I have is buttons,dull rocks pens and pencils. can I pick a lock with any of these items?

Older version coca cola machine Not rated yet
I need help with this coca cola machine because I dont where the key for it is. Its not a tubular lock, it looks like it takes a certain key. But I dont …

just getting started in lock picking...what picks do i need? Not rated yet
what kinds of locks are the most often needed picked? is there any money to be made as a locksmith?

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Help Please. Not rated yet
For my science fair project im doing it on different methods of lock piking and would like some very simple advice, 1) How do you use a snake 2) What …

U.K. pin and tubler locks Not rated yet
How do I pick the pin and tumbler locks in the U.K because the pins are on the bottom not the top. Or is the principle the same as the american ones.

Master lock with out numbers Not rated yet
This is a master lock with out any numbers it has black xrubber around it and the hook instead of being round has flattened sides almost like an octagon …

School Door Locks Not rated yet
Just Use 1.) A Simple Flathead ScrewDriver(TensionWrench) 2.) A PaperClip With 1 end at an angle of 90(LockPick)

How to pick 1534D Not rated yet
How do you pick a Master 1534D?

Bike lock... Not rated yet
Right I got a new mountain bike and I bought a typical bike lock 4-6 pins and I took my keys into school and lost them so now my bike is stuck there! I …

How do you pick the Chateau 2" padlock? Not rated yet
PADLOCK 2" BRASS MANAGER'S WITH WARNING MESSAGE Solid brass, stainless steel springs, new chromed rust-free shackle. Permanently engraved RED warning …

v120 crosslock Not rated yet
my friend recently lost his key to his safe, which has MY money in it, i am a complete amateur a lockpicking and need advice on how to open this difficult …

American Lock Steel 5-Pin Shackle Not rated yet
How to I pick this? Or break through it?

NEED help very old camera in side lock box Not rated yet
ok it a camera lock box that has to have a three number code (the box was probly made around the 1940'S) AND I CANT DAMAGE THE CASE ITS PART OF THE VALUE …

Mortise lock Not rated yet
While doing maintenance at one of my schools buildings I came across a door that had what I think is a mortise lock. It has a spot for a key on the outside …

Sentry safe lock Not rated yet
its one of those gray plastic like boxes seeled up with about 2inches of metal under the plastic used to keep special items safe in case of a fire

yale lock-how to pick it? Not rated yet
the lock i have at home is a Yale lock(i think,i'm not sure) and i want to practice picking that lock.so could you please tell me how to pick it and can …

Pick gun Not rated yet
I have a Eagle pick gun butt I cant open anything...Is it maybe because i am an amature? Sorry for my writting i am from croatia...

lance's lock Not rated yet
the lance's lock is a old,fancy looking lock. not the store lance's lock if that's what you're thinking. I was wondering.How do I pick the lock using a …

Locked Music box Not rated yet
Old disk music box (circa 1880) locked by itself (no key). Very small key opening with post at center of top round hole. Any suggestion about opening it? …

ULTRA brand locks Not rated yet
I was just wondering if anyone had any information on these kinds of locks. I got one out of the garbage to practice on. An apartment complex threw out …

Home made lock pick solutions Not rated yet
I believe the lock im trying to open is called a warded lock. ive seen the key and it isnt too fancy. what i need to know is how to go about making a pick …

old (1950's?) American Lock Co. (of Chicago) Brass Pad Lock Not rated yet
I lost the key to my antique lockbox... it has my nicest watch inside. The key had a symetrical shape, and I can feeel 4 teeth on each side when I go …

Fortress 40 mm Not rated yet
I'm having probles with the 40 mm fortress padlock. I'm new to this but i was wondering if theres a certain trick or if its just not a good first lock? …

Masterlock Mini Key Safe 5401D Not rated yet
I was mid-way through changing the combination on this lockbox when the reset lever got jammed and wouldn't spring back again too set the new combination. …

metal gate lock  Not rated yet
hi i have a metal gate at my front door and i lost my key now i,m stuck out side and i need to pick my lock please help.Niel

Sesamee Lock Blok Not rated yet
I locked my guns with the trigger lock and have lost the combination.

ford focus ignition Not rated yet
I am trying to learn lock picking because i am getting ready to get into the repo business. Can you help me?

housewife Not rated yet
i bought an old chiffarobe at a local goodwill. the hatbox compartment and hanging section are locked with no key of course. i have searched the web …

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how do I pick a house lock? Not rated yet
are there any kind of simple small things that I can pick this lock with?

Ryobi? Not rated yet
I thoguht these guys only made power tools, guess i was mistaken. My friend has keys to a door with the exact same lock but obviously different pin heights …

Vintage Train Case Lock? Not rated yet
I just bought a vintage, 1950's Maximillian brand train case off of ebay that has a lock on it, but the seller locked the keys inside! I have never seen …

were to find a lock picking set Not rated yet
were to find a lock picking set

bike lock Not rated yet
How do i open a like similar to a bike like..no combination #s..just a lock that clips together nd has one key hole underneath it..how do i do that? …

Mastr Lock M5 Magnum Series Not rated yet
I am looking for a walkthrough ad hw o make te homemade picks

picking a scooter lock. Not rated yet
what tools (picture&name) do i use? And how can i get it started and the lights, horn, and blinkers to wrk??

how to pick a lock on a box like cube Not rated yet
One day I locked my box of money I got keys but it still won't come open!!! (My son wrote this, he's nine, I've given him permission to send this)

a tri-circle (265) - made in china Not rated yet
how to pick this type or an mbc italian lock!! i need to know pronto!!

barrel key Not rated yet
how do I pick a lock that uses a barrel key

pmac33 Not rated yet
my mother has small honeywell safe/firebox . she has lost the key.can i pick the lock?

tl20 gas company lock Not rated yet
Ive paid my bill, but they want cut it back on for 3 days....

Old File Drawer Lock Not rated yet
I am looking for direction on what type of picks and/or methods I should us to open a file cabinet lock. This lock pushes in flat when it locks and is …

Mum's got ma Xbox and i cant get into room coz of her new stinkin lock !! Not rated yet
My mum has got my xbox and i relli want it back, ive tried reasoning with her but theres no chance ill get it back unless i unlock her door... Okay, the …

iron barrel key lock Not rated yet
how to open?

"Baton armored block lock" Not rated yet
I've had this padlock for a while with no key, and i've spent several hours trying to crack it, but still with no luck. Have you had any experience …

Im locked out of my bathroom. i dont know what type of lock it is either Not rated yet
on the inside one must twist the little knob on the doorknob to lock it. it a typical bedroom/bathroom lock. but because one must twist the part to arm …

Dead Bolt Not rated yet
i locked myself out one day and figured it would be handy to know how to pick a dead bolt for future reference. how is it done?

tubular lock  Not rated yet
I have a deluxe ace pick and cant get it to work?

pick a sentry safe X075? Not rated yet
can anyone tell me what type of lock is on the sentry safe X075? i know it has an electronic keypad; i'm referring to the bypass lock. is it a pin tumbler …

Dr.Paul P.Cieri Not rated yet
I thought if you obtain a locksmith ID, having lock picks were legal. How about it?

Deb Not rated yet
I have a very expensive gun cabinet. It has a small lock with what looks like a flat piece that rotates 180 angle to open & close. How do I open this? …

Homemade tubular lockpick Not rated yet
alright check it i made a homemade tubular lock pick out of the standard tubular key, but the catch is that i had the chance to use it yet. what i did …

door nob lock how do I pick it I locked my self out  Not rated yet
How do I pick a lock with a paperclip?

found small old safe  Not rated yet
the date on the safe says 1901 dont now if that's how old it is or when the company was made. inside the key whole it looks like it takes a normal lookind …

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Easy opening method for combo padlocks Not rated yet
This method relies on the lock owner's laziness and lack of security awareness. There are lots of these people. 1. Observe the number at the index. …

Yamaha motorcyle lock picking Not rated yet
I lost the key for a 1990 Yamaha motorcycle... the ignition is not a problem... but the gas cap and seat lock are. Do double sided keys only work on …

hardware installer Not rated yet
any advice on picking a factory keyed Shlage AL 80pd core thanks Randy

combination lock with tumber Not rated yet
hey i need to pick this lock i dont have a pic at this moment but i get you one soon. it is a combo with a tumbler.

help me chateau c 99 x -type too hard help me Not rated yet
theres no play in the cylinders i dont know what to do send me e mail carlarolf@hotmail.com i hate this lock if i have to send you one i will it sucks! …

Best brand Padlock Not rated yet
I want to know How I pick this Best brand padlock

double horn lock, nose dual key Not rated yet
How do you pick a double horn lock that requires a double nose dual key? More importantly, what tools would you use?

pick a scooter lock Not rated yet
i need to know how to pick a lock for a scooter

TOYOTA QUALLIS Not rated yet
Hi, I'm intrested in how the lock works and how to make a duplicate key without using or seeing the original key. Pleas explain me how to re-key the original …

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