vanamatic lock

by joey cash
(oaklawn IL.)

how do the van locks work.
are they just like an ace tubular , but the pins are on the face of the lock?
I know all about the change key......
I want to know about the V-series pick they make for the vanamatic.
does it work the same as a standard 7 pin tubular pick?
can you use the pick and let the feelers find the sheer line for each pin?

are the pin's springs staggered like an ace 2 for different tension , or would it be just as easy to pick a vanamatic as it is to pick a 7 pin center ace......
(as long as you own the V-series pick) ?

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Jun 04, 2015
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Apr 01, 2015
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by: Lauren John

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Mar 14, 2015
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Sep 27, 2014
Van lock tool NEW
by: Anonymous

I found the tool that you have puctured above. You're looking at around 350 US dollars for it. You're better off picking it, yeah it's harder but who wants to pay that kind of money for something when you can do it with cheaper tools and not only that, once you pick it, if you have an tubular lock pick, you can use that as a key. Don't waste your money on the van lock pick.

Oct 08, 2013
Interested NEW
by: Gene

I'd like to know if this pick for the vanamatic locks is currenlty available. It looks like the ones made by HPC for tubular locks. If it is currenlty available can you tell me who sells it and what the cost is. Thanks.

Apr 06, 2013
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by: ioan daniel

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Dec 27, 2012
Question NEW
by: Peter

Hello there where can I buy this lock pick?
Please reply my email

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