How To Pick a Lock – 2020 Lock Picking Guide

Welcome to the 2020 Lock Picking Guide, where you will learn how to pick a lock in just a few steps. This site is dedicated to the art of picking locks and of making picks for the amateur lock picker. It contains information on how to pick the most common types of locks (pin tumbler locks, tubular locks / vending machine, and wafer locks / filing cabinet locks and auto locks), and a brief look at lock bumping and bump keys, as well as using a padlock shim. It reviews locksmith products (such as South Ord’s 14 piece kit, and the Dyno Kwick). You will also find the common MIT guide, with a few quick notes. Finally, I have included the legality of burglary tools in all US states which specifically talk about possession of burglary tools. Use the links to the left to look around. If you are looking for instructions on how to pick specific kinds of locks, or if you would like to contribute information on how to pick a specific kind of lock, please visit the specific locks instructions page.
Here, I will provide more than a typical beginner’s guide to lock picking techniques. This is a hobby, it’s like a puzzle, except that most puzzles you solve using your eye, this puzzle you solve using your hearing and feeling. I will not only describe how locks work and the basics of manipulating them, but how to pick a lock using different types of picks, and even how to make homemade lock picks yourself. I will provide pick templates that I have designed myself. I hope that this site will not only serve as a guide to the basics for a beginner, but that a more advanced amateur locksmith will gain something too. Please bear with me as this site is brand new, check back frequently for updates, new pages and info! Please leave comments also, they are appreciated. If you have any specific questions on a certain lock or something, you can contact the webmaster on the comments page too. You can start here, how to pick a lock

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