Dyno Kwick lock pick

The Dyno Kwick lock pick is a popular purchase for people who don't know how to pick locks, or are just beginning. It is bought usually for around $20, with replacement tips costing about $7. This lock pick is marketed as guaranteed to open almost any lock, filing cabinet locks, padlocks, deadbolts, etc.... While it is a good pick, it is certainly not worth $20, here's why;

It is nothing but a tension wrench and a C-rake (snake) with a cool handle! From South-Ord you can buy their 17 piece lock pick set for about the same price, which comes with a C-rake, three tension wrenches, and a bunch of other picks! Let me clarify, there is absolutely nothing special about the Kwick lock pick, except that it comes with a fancy handle and a clip for your belt. A normal C-rake and tension wrench will do exactly the same thing for much less money.

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Dyno Kwick lock pick