The LSI guide to lock picking

Download pdf of the LSI guide to lock picking

This guide, the Locksport International guide to lock picking, is in my opinion better than the original MIT guide. Although it is a promotional publication for their organization and their affiliation with, it contains very handy info with great pictures to visualize what they are talking about.

It starts with an introduction to the vocabulary used in lock picking. It then talks about how to re-pin a lock, which is always what those LSI guys think the best thing for beginners to do is before they start picking. They suggest buying a Kwickset cylinder for practice, then disassembling it and installing only one pin so that you can learn what it feels like when pins set. then installing 2, 3, 4 and 5 once you get the hang of it. A good recommendation, but as beginners, most folks don't like to invest that much time or money into re-pinning locks when they could be picking them.

Then, the LSI guide to lock picking goes on to give a great visual guide for how to pick locks, I highly suggest reading it, as this section is the most useful part of the document, for beginners.

Then there is a brief visual guide to making your own lock picks, which is a good supplement to this site's how to make lock picks page.

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