Practice lock picking, and be patient!


Picking locks is more of an art form than a science, and like all art forms it is difficult to teach. But unlike most art forms, you don’t need any innate ability or genius to become really good. You could be the next Di Vinci (or at least Jackson Pollack) of lock picking. The first thing you need to know about picking locks is that it takes practice. I can only provide a description of how locks work, and suggest techniques to make them work without a key. I cannot give you a magic formula for a given type of lock, you must experiment and practice, practice, practice lock picking….

That said, I can teach you the basics of lock picking, just like you can learn how to draw figures, frame pictures, or use a pottery wheel. The feel of a pin going into place and the sound of it crashing back down into the plug cannot be effectively described, they can only be learned through practice. I think the first lock I ever picked took me about 5-10 hours of trying; it was a Master brand padlock. Now I can pick most equivalent locks in about 1-15 minutes. Do not despair, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Neither I nor this site condones thievery! The information provided here is for those interested in the hobby and art form of lock picking, not for those interested in stealing. Nonetheless, unfortunately some people do decimate the art of lock picking by stealing, and protecting property from burglary is a serious matter.

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