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Lock pick purchase, buy lock picks: Your guide for where to find lock picks and other locksmith tool equipment.

So your learning how to pick locks, and need a guide for what picks to purchase. There's a ton of stuff out there. For starters, King of Swords Lock Picks has pretty much everything you would need. Their prices are competitive, and they deliver to more than 60 countries. Also try Lock Picker's Mall has lock picking practice kits and cut-away practice locks, useful for all skill levels.To start, you'll need a standard lock pick set, I recommend the 11 Piece lock picking kit for your first lock pick purchase, manufactured by Southord, the most trusted and standard company for picks. Contains four tension tools and ten picks. It will pick most common deadbolts, padlocks and wafer locks. Trust me, there is no need to spend the extra money on huge sets with a bunch of picks that all look alike. Picking locks is something the person does, not the picks, and any time that a look alike pick from a huge set will save you will be doubled going through and trying all the other picks on the lock! Also, look at all that wasted metal on the handles! Those handles could easily be made into functional lock picks, see my page on how to how to make your own lock picks.

If you want to pick tubular locks, the kind on vending machines, and expensive bike locks, the best (affordable) one is the Tubular Lock Pick. There is no need to purchase the 7 pin tubular lock pick, as it is the same diameter and pin spacing as the 8 pin. You can simply not use one of the 8 pin pick's pins! Believe me, I've done it. See my tubular lock pick page for how to use these. They have a steep learning curve, but once you learn it will be easy to pick any tubular lock.

That does it for the basics, that's all you need if you're a beginner. Padlock shim set can be fun too, but it is better to learn how to pick padlocks than depend on padlock shims, because shims do not work on all padlocks, but picking does.

If you locked your keys in your car, see my car lock pick page for what to purchase, and how to use them.

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